The Sephardi Culture in Northern Morocco 
  Articles  published  in El PresenteCentro Gaon,  Ben Gurion 
  University, Beer Sheva. Vol. 2, December, 2008. 
​                         Tamar Alexander ● Yaakov Bentolila, editors 
  ( link to the  articles in  Spanish and Hebrew).

          Cultural Relations through the Ages.  By Yom Tov Assis

          Impact on the Jewish School World of Salonika and Morocco.  By Rena Molho

          and the Balkans (Monastir). By Gila Hadar

          on Judezmo.  Por David Bunis

          and North African Judeo-Spanish Haggadot.  By Ora (Rodrigue) Schwarzwald

          among the Jews of Gibraltar.  By Isaac Benabu

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Samuely Frehi Bentolila and the children: Levi, Esther & Mercedes. Tetuan, 1914. Courtesy, the Bentolila family
A Jewish home in Fes, 1920. Courtesy, Jewish Moroccan Heritage Museum, Brussels 

A young woman,Tangier, 1880 Courtesy, Jewish Moroccan Heritage Museum, Brussels